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How to Configure Mandrill Sending Domains

In this tutorial, we will look at the process of how to configure Mandrill Sending Domains for your web application.

I assume you already have an account on

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Add your domain name record.

Mandrill Sending Domain Step 1

First, you need to add your domain record in Mandrill Sending Domains.

Add your domain name WITHOUT www and http://

Example: OR

Step 2: Get your DKIM Settings information.


Next, we are going to verify the DKIM Settings.

Click on the View DKIM Settings hyperlink and you will see the following popup which contains the configuration you need to setup in your web hosting DNS Zone.


Step 3: Add DKIM Settings record in your web hosting DNS Zone.


Login to your web hosting control panel (I’m using cPanel) and find DNS Advanced Zone Editor menu.

Next, enter a new record for DKIM Settings which you get from step 2. Please see the screenshot below.


Please note that you should check your TTL value with your hosting provider. Once the record has been added, you will see something like this.


Step 4: Test DNS Settings


Now, go back to Mandrill Sending Domains page and click on the Test DNS Settings.

If no problem arise, you should see your DKIM Settings is valid (with green check mark)

Step 5: Validate your SPF Settings


Next we are going to validate your SPF record.

Click on the View SPF settings hyperlink.

A popup will appear which contains your SPF Setup information.

Normally, your web hosting already has the SPF Record. You just need to edit the record so that it will contains the Mandrill settings.

Step 6: Edit your SPF Record


Go back to your DNS Advance Zone Editor (in your web hosting control panel) and find the current SPF value as shown on Mandrill page.

Replace it with the new value given by Mandrill.


Then, save / edit the record and go back to Mandrill Sending Domains configuration.

Step 7: Test DNS Setting for SPF


Click on the Test DNS Settings button again to validate your SPF Settings.

You should see SPF is valid (if there is no problem arise).

Step 8: Final – Verify your domain.

Final step, you should verify your sending domain.


To verify your domain, click on the Verify A Domain button and enter your domain email address. Make sure you’ve created an email address through your web hosting control panel. For example: [email protected]

You should receive an email from Mandrill after clicking the “Send Verification Email”.



Click on the verification link and after that check your domain status.

Your domain should has a new status which is “verified” in your Mandrill Sending Domains.



You can now be happily ever after and use Mandrill for your web application! 😉

Hope this helps.

p.s – For more information about Mandrill, please check their Knowledge Base at