Hello. I’m Amirol Zolkifli

Call me Amirol /are-me-roll/. I'm the founder and a business strategist at Sitehandy Solutions. I also do web and mobile development, IT consulting, and IT training. For more information about my business, hop to sitehandy.com.

When I'm not wrangling tech, I'm casting lines - whether it's surf casting, fishing from a boat or riverbank, or throwing a cast net in the shallows.

I'm a husband and a dad to four awesome kids, so life is never boring!

My Recent Activities

Check out what I've been up to lately! From leading training sessions and consulting on IT projects to reeling in big catches and spending quality time with my family, here's a glimpse into my world.

Whether it's work or play, there's always something exciting happening. Enjoy the peek ;-)



Up for a Chat?

I am thrilled to connect with you. Whether you have a query, a project idea, or just want to say hello, I’d love to hear from you.
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