5 Steps to a Better Looking Website

Do you think your website is looking great? Check this 5 steps first!

1. Don’t make your visitors think too much.

Don’t make your customers think!

People use the internet for convenience. When they get to your website and have to think too much, they will leave.

If they do not find the content they are looking for right away, they will leave. They do not assume that they can find what they are looking for if they keep clicking deep within your site.

They think that if it isn’t on the front page, it isn’t anywhere.

2. First thing is first

  • What is the main thing your site is supposed to deliver?
  • What is the best thing that you sell?
  • What do your visitors want?

That one thing needs to be the biggest thing emphasized on the site. People will assume the biggest thing on your site is the most important.

The biggest thing is the most likely to get clicked, but in the end they will click what they want to click. Try to align the most clickable graphic with the one that makes you the most money.

3. Use common conventions

People have finally figured out the shopping cart icon.

If you go to an e-commerce website and see a shopping cart icon, you know that you can click that icon to buy something.

You know that if you see a house icon, you can click on it to go back to the home page.

Do not try to reinvent well established icons like these. Use established conventions and icons that are proven to work.

4. Tell your visitors what they should click on

People like to click.

We all get a little click-happy at times.

But you do not want people to guess what they should click on when they get to your web page.

Do you think that everyone knows your web banners are clickable?


Sometimes you have to write “click here” on your clickable banners and images.

The most important thing on the webpage should also be the biggest.

What is that thing?

Whatever is most important to the customer and makes you the most money. Use bigger fonts and brighter colors to emphasize that most important thing!

5. Get rid of background noise and busyness

You may be distracting your customers without even realizing it.

How so?

By having too many options that are not related.

One page can only communicate so much content. If you try to say too much, people will not hear anything.

How many offers can a customer hear at one time?


Emphasize one thing at a time and try to push the benefits of that one thing. They will not be able to focus enough to make a buying decision if they have too many choices.

Know the thing that is most important to them and explain how they can get it. Show them the price that you want them to pay for it and figure out how to translate that cost in a value that seems like a bargain.

Explain how their lives will improve and how much that will be worth to them. Remember to use numbers and figures. Use percentages and talk about specific and tangible benefits.

That’s all folks!

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