5 Ways to Advertise Your Product with Bloggers

Blogging is huge nowadays, no one can deny that. Blogs can reach out to a massive audience. If you want to be able to capture some of those people and turn them into your customers you should focus on a few simple things for success.

  1. Theme – Find blogs related to your product or service.
  2. Contact and offer – Contact the person who runs the blog and tell them you would like to advertise on their site. Bloggers have the space for advertising and most blog software has advertising as a built-in option.
  3. Reviews – If the blog has a rather large following and your product is something you can send places for reviews, offer to give one to the person for free in return for a review on their site. Make sure the packaging is perfect as is the delivery service you use. Receiving a damaged item will not result in a positive review.
  4. Follow up – Contact the blogger once you know they have received the product and see if they have any questions in regard to its use or operation. You want to make sure they are using it correctly otherwise your review could be bad.
  5. Read and reply – Once the review has gone up, go to the site and reply to it and be sure to mention how wonderful the experience was working with the blogger and also mention if anyone has any questions or is curious about the product or your company, they can find out everything they need to know at your website.

Simply put, this is the cheapest way to get your product in the public’s mind and it can be done over and over again. The cost to you is a bit of, a free item and making a post on the blog. This is the best way to get other people to market your product for you.

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