I Will Tell You Why Your Visitors Aren’t Buying

Have you been in a situation where you think that your product is really awesome enough but… you are not getting enough sales?

Here are some of the reasons.

1. You are not motivating them

People need to be pushed and motivated to take action and buy.

Sometimes you will need to spell out all 37 benefits of your product before they will even take a second look.

Why are people so stubborn?

We’re all stubborn!

And we’re used to getting our butts kicked by companies who just want to take our money and run off.

Get used to the idea that all of your visitors will be skeptical of you at first.

It’s natural, and it is your problem if they do not trust you.

Do not blame the customer!

Just know what they want and explain how you are going to give it to them for a great price!

If you have testimonials, put them in a flashy box in your sidebar. This gives your visitor social proof that your product works!

2. People want to spend money, but not with you.

Your product and/or website graphics don’t get them excited.

They don’t believe your promises. They don’t feel any urgency.

These are all common problems that can be fixed with effective graphic design and carefully chosen words.

You have a product or a service that fixes a problem for someone. It is your job to remind them of their problem.

Remind them how inconvenient and painful their problem is. Tell them how you will help them. Give them the nitty-gritty details.

If they have the problem that you can fixed, they will listen to every detail that you give them. They want to hear all the ways you can help them. Just keep the focus on them and their problem.

  1. Get them emotionally excited about having their problem solved (freedom).
  2. List all the related benefits you or your product will give them.
  3. Make sure that you are helping them visualize a believable end-result.
  4. Give them good reasons to buy NOW.

If this sounds like a simple equation for making a sale, it is!

But don’t misunderstand. It’s simple, but not easy. However it is very easy to mess up the process.

This is why many businesses fail in the first couple years. For example, if you take your focus off of the customer and her needs at any time, you are likely to lose them.

3. Making your visitors sick with bland graphics and weak offers.

Are you passionate about your products?

If you aren’t, your customers will sense it. They will know if you don’t 100% believe in what you do and what you offer. And then they won’t buy because if you aren’t proud of it, how can they trust you?

You will make your customers sick with your weak offers and your low-value products. If you are charging a high price for an item, you have to explain why the benefits of the item are worth the extra money!

Do not fail to show them how your product will improve their lives and how much that improvement is truly worth!

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