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Likeable Branding

Some people make the mistake of approaching branding as a “me, me, me” proposition. Sure, your primary intent is to bolster your own business. That’s a given. However, that is not mutually exclusive with being a likeable, non-egocentric person.

Your branding efforts are going to require you to participate in a variety of different arenas. Many of those are connection-oriented and involve interaction with others. You need to enter those situations with an overall sense of graciousness and a willingness to make friends.

Don’t use a blog comment purely as a chance to talk about how much you know. Use it as a chance to converse with the original poster on a meaningful level., too, for instance.

If you plow ahead with nothing on your mind other than to find a way to toot your own home, you will start to brand yourself as someone who is a little too full of himself or herself.

That’s not what you want to do!

Be nice.

Be polite.

Listen and be truly communicative.

That sounds like a good brand, doesn’t it?

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